Web Design & Digital Development

We craft award winning, brand forward websites and digital experiences that improve the engagement, acquisition and retention of your customers. Working predominantly with hotels, country estates, bars and other hospitality centric businesses, we can help you connect to audiences using our industry knowledge and insights.

There are two challenges when creating a digital presence. The first is the technical aspect, where both technology and agile development come together to create a functioning system. In a world that has never been more connected than right now, the fundamentals of any system must be both manageable and scaleable. The second challenge is the brand experience aspect, where design and marketing shape the visual delivery of a project. Customers digitally interact with a brand differently now than ever before, and hospitality is at the forefront of that shift. Understanding this is imperative to online success and these two challenges must be accounted for at the beginning of your new digital journey.

It’s our job as a digital agency to be at the forefront of that shift as and when it happens. Not only do we use the latest technological advancements when it comes to creating digital platforms, but our agile development process and award winning design team ensure that your customers have a seamless experience online.

User Journey

Our creative team work with you and your brand to design a digital presence which is focused on the user journey a customer takes. This is paired with an overall marketing objective to make sure we transition visitors into customers. Our award winning design team are well versed in using emotion to connect with customers on a range of platforms and devices.

Bespoke Design

Each one of our digital solutions is designed, developed and deployed by our award winning team and underpinned by our meticulous planning and creation process. With an experienced team in both off the shelf frameworks through to fully bespoke systems, there is always a content management system or custom development solution to help you grow online.

Agile Process

Delivering digital results always starts with the correct planning and processes. Each digital project we deliver is tailored to the customer based on the outcome of our discovery phase. We get to understand your business, your online problems, set targets and deliver real results using our unique process.

Responsive & Reactive

We build each aspect of your project with mobile usage in mind. This includes the user experience, the online interface, connection speed and customer journey to ensure you can maximise mobile usage and conversion.

Additional Services

To underpin our award winning digital and creative solutions, we have a range of complementing services to bring success to your project.

Hosting, Security & Maintenance and Support

Managing a website can be a daunting task let alone keeping it online and available to your customers. We have a range of hosting solutions, maintenance packages and dedicated support to help you when you need it most.

Advanced Integrations

Our team work with pre-existing programs and software currently used by your business. Many hotels, restaurants and retail brands rely on booking systems, CRM solutions, calendars, payment systems and much more to manage their outbound marketing and day-to-day administrative tasks, all of which can be integrated to your website.

GDPR & Security

GDPR affects the way you collect, manage and store data but our team of developers have the tools to ensure your business remains safe and secure online. In the world of bookings, contact enquires, purchases and data submissions, there has never been a more important time to put compliance and security at the top of your priorities.


This year we have had the opportunity to look at the road ahead and implement positive changes to our services not only for our customers, but the world. We all have a corporate responsibility to create a sustainable future and by using heüvel, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your part. We want to change the future of digital technology and that change starts now.

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If you are unsure of the road to take, a discovery call may be the best solution. This one hour long session hosted online with one of our strategic specialists is no obligation, but it will give you the confidence the understand your unique challenges and what you need to do to overcome them.

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If you are thinking about starting a new project but are unsure of the process, a discovery call may be a good fit.

Held online with Adam, the owner of Mont, these private sessions last around an hour and give you the opportunity to ask questions, gain insights and identify what would be the best route forward. They are no obligation, cost nothing and it just might change your digital future. 

Things go wrong from time to time but our dedicated support team operate 24/7 and are here to help.

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